If you are going in for a surgical or maxillofacial procedure at Rockstar Family Dental, our dentist can offer L-PRF platelet therapy to help you heal more efficiently using your own blood cells as a kind of band-aid and mimicking the natural healing process. Dr. Gina Salatino will start by taking a blood sample, spinning it into a blood clot with our specialized technology and placing the clot at the site of the wound. The blood clot will release your own body’s natural healing proteins, enhancing the healing that is already happening and encouraging it to heal more quickly with its own resources. Call 916-771-7873 to schedule a consultation and learn more about L-PRF platelet therapy in Rocklin, California!

Support Your Natural Healing Powers

L-PRF stands for leukocyte–platelet-rich fibrin and refers to the use of leukocytes, or white blood cells, to support the body’s immune response. Leukocytes are a natural part of the immune system that help heal the body, while platelets are the blood cells responsible for creating blood clots and producing growth factors. Fibrin is also another component that works with platelets to create blood clots. When reintroduced at the site of a wound, leukocyte–platelet-rich fibrin stimulates the growth factors that naturally regenerate tissue and drastically reduces the expected recovery time.

How Does L-PRF Work?

First, Dr. Salatino will take blood sample from the patient. Then, she will process the sample in a centrifuge machine, which separates and concentrates important cells and proteins by rapidly spinning them. This process creates a fibrin blood clot that we can remove and shape as needed to fit the wound. Once the blood clot has been created, Dr. Salatino will place the blood clot in the surgery site. Your body will naturally incorporate the blood clot during the healing process, releasing and reintroducing your own healing proteins and boosting the growth factors for up to 14 days after placement

Our team can also add different biomaterials based on your needs. For example, if you have suffered severe bone loss, our dentist can add bone growth material to promote natural bone regeneration. Because the blood used is the patient’s own, there is a much lower risk of side effects that would otherwise exist if artificial additives or foreign materials were used.

Can L-PRF Enhance My Treatment?

If you have recently had an oral surgery or plan on scheduling an oral surgery with our team, ask us about how we can use L-PRF to make your recovery time quicker and easier. Because of how successful this treatment has been with patients in the past, we are happy to offer it as an aid following a number of oral maxillofacial surgeries, such as:

  • Dental implant placement
  • Tooth extractions
  • Wisdom tooth removal
  • Ridge augmentations
  • Bone grafts
  • Periodontal surgery

If you are interested in this type of therapy, we encourage you to call our office for more information. Our dentist will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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